How to: Taylor Swift (1989) concert

So, your going to a Taylor Swift concert or just any concert???? Well I am here to answer all your questions and help you to mentally and physically prepare for the best night ever!

I just went to the 1989 world tour concert in Dallas on October 17- I have been a fan of Taylor for years, I even went to her Red tour a couple of years ago and it was spectacular, but the 1989 concert blew everything else out of the water! So here are some tips from my Taylor Swift concert experiences to help prepare you for YOURS!

  1. Outfit: Taylor is notorious for having her mom and employees pull people with outrageous costumes out of the audience to meet her at “Loft 89” after the concert! So if your looking to go all out and have a chance of meeting Taylor then I would suggest an costume from one of her music videos, something to do with her song lyrics, or any outfit with lights and glitter (something that catches the eye) This is your chance to get creative!

For the shirt I made for my mom and I, I bought some iron on transfer paper and printed out some images then cut out the pictures I wanted and ironed them on to the shirt.

2. Make a poster: 

This is the best way to stand out and get noticed! Get creative and let your imagination run wild! Remember that your going to be walking around and holding the poster all night, so I would suggest a thinker foam poster board so it will be nice and sturdy.

I made my poster out of thick poster board foam, with cut out pictures from the 1989 album polaroids and painted on a lot of black glitter. The lights are called EL Wire, they run on a battery pack are work amazingly! I used super glue to apply the wire, then poked holes in the board to pull through the wire and get the “neon light sign” look. I bought 15 feet of wire and it was JUST enough.



3. Get there early: Lines fill up really fast! So if your looking to buy merchandise and go to the Taylor Nation booth I would get there as soon as parking opens ( Look at your ticket/concert information to see when everything opens/starts ) Merchandise sells out fast and the lines are really long, so I would go there first or after going to the Taylor Nation booth. (Also the merch runs VERY small, I wear a medium and got an XXL- crazy! )

Our concert was at the AT&T Stadium which holds 60,000 people!  We arrived RIGHT when parking open then stood in line for about an 1 hour- we were third in line and second in line at the Taylor Nation booth.

4. Taylor Nation booth: So what is the Taylor Nation? Taylor Nation is Taylor’s “people” almost like the leaders of her fan base! They set up a photo booth at each concert for fans to take pictures at and also have outfits that Taylor has worn and large cut outs of her cats! Great photo ops! Look at their twitter @TaylorNation before the arena opens to see what section their will set up in! Go their first because people were swarming to the booth!

5. HAVE FUN!! : No matter what happens or what you able to do just have fun!! Have patience in the lines and the crowds its all going to work out. Taylor puts on an INCREDIBLE SHOW, I had the time of my life!! And if you want, document the event like crazy- I love Taylor Swift and taking photos/videos so I was loosing my mind!  Hold up you poster or light up stick and dance and sing your heart out.

On the back of everyone’s chair is a bracelet that lights up to the beat of the music and even color coordinates! These make for amazing pictures and videos!

I hope these tips help with your Taylor Swift concert experience and give you some some insider information to help you experience run smoothly! I’ve loved Taylor since her very first album so getting to go to one of her concerts AGAIN with my mom/best friend was such a blessing!

*And ironically TODAY is the 1 year anniversary of the 1989 album releasing *

-Blessings, Grace


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