December favorites/Christmas gifts

Hey everyone! Its been so long, but I’m back with some of my December favorites/Christmas presents. These items might even be helpful for your late Christmas present ideas, or even future gift inspiration! Some of my favorites include fun beauty items, art supplies, and even some of my dog’s Christmas gifts! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you enjoy this post!



Ahhh December, a time to relax with the ones you love and thank God for all your many blessings, while stuffing your face with delicious Christmas foods. These are just some of my favorites this month, including most of my Christmas gifts!

BirchBox: My sweet mom hooked me up with a year of BirchBox. The first box is picked by the company, then the rest is designed by you and picked from your favorite beauty samples!

Spa supplies: So most people might not want face cleaner and wipes for Christmas, but I love it!! My favorite company is Burt’s Bees, they are all natural and the packaging makes me so happy! I’m also loving face masks, and the ones from Sephora are so nice. And to top it all off is a patterned towel wrap.

Comfy clothes: Whats a better gift for relaxing during your Christmas break then comfy clothes?? Fluffy socks, Pajama shorts and soft shirts!

Jewelry: Lately I have been more interested in the bolder kind of jewelry. My friend got me hooked on the JCrew statement necklaces! They work perfect with anything and especially collard shirts which are the only kind of necklace that works with my school uniform! And James Avery charms are a perfect gift for a friend you know already has a charm bracelet!

Music: My awesome brother got me 6 moths of Spotify, and even made me a cool card with Taylor Swift on it to go with my collectors edition magazine all about her. This kind of Gift is simple and perfect for your music loving friends.


IMG_3275 - Copy

I am in love with Kristin Schmucker and her shop! Beautiful inspirational items that are the cutest things ever!

Journals: The “Be still” notebook is a self devotional for you to put your own daily verse, a spot to journal, and some questions for you to answer and dive into the scripture! The “Daily Grace” planner is pretty much what it sounds like, but it also gives you spaces for To Do’s, what your thankful for that day, a prayer, and your daily grace!

Necklace: I made sure I snatched this one up before it was all sold out! A dainty gold necklace with “grace” stamped on it.

Cup: My mom and I were sitting in the car one day when I found this cup online and I practically exploded with joy! I MEAN ITS MY BLOG CATCHPHRASE PEOPLE!!!!

Pen: Kristin has adorable pens and amazing bible journaling gel highlighters that don’t bleed through thin bible pages! The pen I got  says “Amazing grace”.

( Seeing a theme here? I think I might be a little biased towards “grace” products! hehe )






These items definitely show my disgusting obsession with crafts supplies!

Markers:  My new favorite markers are Copic and Tombow! They take practice to figure out how to use them correctly, but once you get the hang of it then its magic!

Sketch books: Anybody would love a journal or sketch book because you can use them for anything!

Letter stamping:  The wood Tekton box is full of metal letter stamps for you to stamp on leather or metal! You can get different size stamps. But you need a steel block and a craft hammer.


And finally, gifts for your furry four legged best friend!! I have always been in love with dogs ever since I was little. I can’t even tell you how long I had paw prints stamped all over my pink bedroom walls! But when we adopted our rescue dog Coco 8 years ago my life was changed.

BarkBox: So this is kind of  like my Birchbox but instead of beauty samples, it comes with treats and toys for your dog. It come every month for all long as you have a subscription. Coco always gets so excited when his box comes, but unfortunately now every time we open any box, he thinks it’s for him!

Treats/toys: This is pretty much all a dog could every ask for!



(It was a challenge for me to get him to keep that hat on! )

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it maybe gave you some ideas for future gifts! And that during this time we all remember the reason for the season and that Jesus is our ultimate gift! 


Grace & COCO


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