“Galentines” party 2016 + WWG Instagram

Yes, I understand that Valentines Day was last weekend, but this was something I couldn’t pass up, and I wanted to post even if it was going to be a week late. This last week was a very busy one, it was my first homecoming week, I’m bringing this up because coming soon is a special “Homecoming 2016” post! Anyway, I got together with my sqaud last weekend for a “Galentines” party, we made cupcakes, valentines, and took some Β pretty epic pictures/polariods.



Made these garlands for a cute and simple photo backdrop!!


Making valentines, all these colors and craft supplies! I might have an obsession….


And of course….. its not a party hosted by me if polariods aren’t involved.


Oh and one last thing….. Wandering with Grace now has an Instagram!! I held it off, but I finally broke down and made one, so check it out to see all the behind the scenes and an even better look into my life!


Blessings, Grace



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