Homecoming week 2016

Ahhhh Homecoming, a special week of Highschool fun, dress-up, dance moves, and friendships. Last week was my first ever Homecoming, and it was so much fun! Monday was “mum-Monday”, Tuesday was “superhero day”, Thursday was “#Throwback Thursday”, and finally on Friday was our Hollywood themed dance. Here is a look into my awesome week!

MONDAY: (MUM) Mums with the squad and I, and yes we planned to all have striped shirts.

TUESDAY:  (SUPERHERO) I rocked some Wonder Woman cape socks.

THURSDAY: (THROWBACK)  I wore a radical 80’s outfit– neon, leg warmers, scrunchy, and lots of denim.



And of course I had to bring my polariod to school to snap some pics of my mum and I, feat. my awesome cousin!

So now its Friday, and we got all glammed up with our pretty dresses and heels and we’re ready to party!! I love any excuse to dress up, dance with my friends, and take pictures! 

File_004 (1)

File_006 (1)

File_005 (1)

Dress: The Gap ( fitted, textured, with pockets )

Shoes: Vince Camuno ( black and white floral )

Necklace:  JCrew ( statement )

Earrings: Stella & Dot ( ear jackets )

File_001 (1)

Prom poses!!

File_000 (1)

File_008 (1)

Squad // Sophomore girls

File_002 (1)

Friends since 2nd grade!

File_003 (1)

Friends since 3rd grade!

File_007 (1)


I am so blessed to go to such an amazing school full of my closet friends and people I’ve known since I was little! And to be able to be in an environment where we can talk about our faith freely, is a gift. I can’t wait for homecoming next year!

-Blessings, Grace

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2 thoughts on “Homecoming week 2016

  1. I love these! Such a wonderful memory pack! Your smile, Grace, lights up the room. Your friends have a shine about them, too. And those shoes! Well, let me just say I need to borrow them. Love you so much! Your Auntie

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