How to master card making

Over the years I’ve made more cards then I can count. Holidays, birthdays, or just because, cards are a simple and thoughtful way of showing how thankful you are for the amazing people God has put in your life. Almost every time I make a card I like to take a picture of it, or the words I wrote down inside. So after I made my most recent card and took a picture of it, *bam* the idea for this post was born! I hope these ideas and material suggestions inspire some creativity and gift giving in you!



  • Collages: simple & busy



  • Simple milestone birthday cards, black paper + chalk board marker- chalk board card, Rifle paper Co. inspired for you girlfriends cards.
  • Funny interactive card, valentines day card with multiple pages, another Valentines day card made out of cardboard then painted and embellished.
  • Polaroid cards, scanned and real- make cute pockets to put them in!



  • All the different types of materials you can use as the framework for your card!

Scrap-booking patterned paper, card stock (black- for your chalkboard look), d.i.y marbleized paper,  wood frame, canvas, cardboard.



  • There is nothing more that I love with my card then a thoughtful photo, it makes the card even more special and worth saving! 

Polariods ( which you can make a photo copy of on your printer so you don’t have to give away your actual polariod), photo booth strips, #throwback pics, and then print out any pictures from your phone or computer, and maybe even use some social media pictures your card receivers have posted!



  • Pretty much anything that has some shimmer or shine to add some extra pzazz to anything you create! 

Glitter glue, powder glitter, iridescent sparkle shapes, jewels, sparkly letter stickers, sequins, stickers, washi tape, ribbon, and glitter paint.



  • Once you’ve written your special message for whatever occasion your making the beautiful card for, and if you wanted to, add a picture then its time to add some awesome embellishments!


  • Washi tape: gives you unlimited potential of creativity!
  • Black paper/paint and chalk board marker: Use markers and draw on the black surfaces to create an awesome chalk board look! ( If you use paint give it time to set and dry)
  • Scrap-booking scissors / stella wink glitter pens: These scissors come in a variety of cutting designs which give an extra detail to your card, and the pens give a light glitter look (different colors available) without glitter dust or leftovers!
  • Puffy paint: Use this to get a cool looking 3D effect for whatever you want on your project to stand out.
  • Letters/bows/floral wreaths: Everybody loves having their name spelled out in big letters on a card! and who can resist a bow? + you can always print out anything you want to add to your card as decoration or to personalize even more for whoever is receiving your gift.
  • Mod Podge: HOLY GRAIL CARD DECORATING NECESSITY! I use this on almost every card I’ve made, I typically use it as an adhesive and top coat for the photos i attach on the cards (or whatever material I use) it gives a great sheen look to whatever you put it on!


I hope you guys enjoyed and were inspired for future card ideas! I just started making special pins on Pinterest for my blog posts! Follow my blog board and check out my other board while your there (;

-Blessings, Grace






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