Journaling + my favorites

Journaling, one of my favorite outlets for thoughts, frustration, sadness, joy, you name it- its written down and documented. My mind is so full and has so many thoughts, so being able to sort them out on paper helps me organize everything a little bit better.  Keeping a journal of any kind helps you have this amazing perspective, to go back and see how much God has done for you, and everything that has changed in your life!

These are just  few of my favorite types of journals and supplies + DIY notebooks -enjoy!

I just finished my first notebook (which I wrote in for 2 years!) This new notebook in the picture I just started!



  • The other goodies are from Target’s dollar section– (which is my favorite place)
  • The flower page marks my mom bought me a few years ago from Anthropology.
  • Rifle Paper Co. journal


WRITING UTENSILS: These are the only things I use to write, I like to keep my supplies pretty simple so I dont have to keep switching utensils.

  • BIC mechanical pencils – I only use mechanical pencils because I hate having to keep sharpening regular pencils, + I feel like mechanical ones write smoother.
  • EnerGel pens – I swear by these pens, they write smooth and so fast!
  • Paper Mate markers – These have a great writing tip, and do not bleed through paper easily!




I just picked up this beauty from Anthropology last week and I am so excited to use it soon for my future trips! There is a space for the location  of your destination, the date, lined paper for writing, and a blank place for pictures or drawings. + “I’m outta here” pink/rose gold luggage tag which makes traveling so much cuter!

File_000File_001 (1)

Along with my long worded pages of journaling, I also love jotting down a sentence or two about my day. When I came across this memory book in January I thought it was such a genius idea. Being able to remember a little bit of each day for 5 years is such a crazy blessing!


As much as I love journaling, scrap-booking will also be my first love! But scrap-booking takes a lot of time and energy. So I used a simple kraft paper notebook and added some washi tape, patterned paper, a polariod, and a little bit about the photo and day.

  • Washi tape & paper: Micheal’s

*Whenever I start a new journal I take a picture of myself with it then tape the photos on or put them inside the journal with the date and a message written on the photo*


DIY JOURNALS: my new obsession is defiantly making journals. Its super simple, fast, and easy + super cute! They are great gift ideas and can easier be customized for friends. I followed the instruction down below but I also added some of my own touches.

* I painted the inside of the journals with different colors, and used black paint to create labels then used a white chalk pen to write on it after the black paint dried*


  • Scrapbooking paper
  • card stock, printer paper, or any paper of your choice.
  • ribbon
  • hole puncher
  • paint – paintbrush
  • scissors

Just follow these instructions


I really hoped you all were inspired, and are maybe even interested in starting or making a journal! God has used my writing and journals in amazing ways, they give me perspective and help me to see, and be thankful for all He has done for me.

-Blessings, Grace


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