Mothers day 2016 + gift guide

Mothers Day, a time to celebrate the women in our lives who have love, comfort, guide, care for, and inspire us. Being a mother is the hardest job a person can have, and a mother defiantly have a lot to balance. I always hope that my mom feels appreciated and loved on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to best friends with my her, we do everything together, I can tell her anything, and she makes me laugh harder then anyone!

Today I am sharing my fun weekend in the Woodlands, Houston with my awesome momma, and our mothers day Sunday + a gift guide



  • Who doesn’t love a new mug? and personalized – even better! ( Initial mug )
  • If shes into cooking / being in the kitchen some pretty kitchen attire is a great gift. Oven mitts get so gross, so clean beautiful patterned ones are perfect! ( Floral oven mit & mat )
  • If your mom is creative and artsy Anthropologie’s stationary area is Heaven- they have cards, planners, paper, notebooks, writing utensils, pencil bags, and everything is so gorgeous! ( RPC notebooks“A little bit rosy” )


Mother gifts:  A found all these goodies at “francescas” in their Mothers day section, they are so cute and your special lady will love all of them!

“I love you mom” personalized book, and the mother daughter heart necklace which isn’t online )


Late gifting:

We ordered my mom Magnolia Market- Giving key “Restore”  but it had not come in yet, so we printed out pictures of the gift and wrote on it.


Shopping: Woodlands Houston has so much shopping, its the first place I have ever visited which so much shopping in such a small mile radius! You could just park and walk to all these places:

There was a HUGE malloutdoor shops, and the mall has large stores outside as well with a humongous Cheesecake Factory and man made river with boat rides. Lots of entertainment!

Lush: This was the first time I’ve ever been, and it was just as picture worthy as I imagined. You could smell the bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and everything outside and it was Heavenly! My mom bought some bath bombs and my brother some beard cream.

** There was A LOT of trying on cloths**


Kendra Scott: I just recently purchased Elisa necklace, and then I fell in love with and bought the Teal Lyla bracelet !


Madwell: This was my second time going to a Madewell store, but first time buy! (The dressing room pictures above where in this store)

And I always love seeing the large different Anthropologie walls at different store locations.

Finally: We ended the trip on Saturday seeing our sweet friends play of “Oklahoma”! And ofcorse I had to take some selfies and photos when I was having a good hair day (;

Even though this was a day after Mothers day hopefully these ideas can still help with your moms, maybe you haven’t gotten her a gift yet or were able to spend time with her ? No matter where they are send a little prayer and love their way, not just on Mothers day but every day!

-Blessings, Grace






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