What’s in my beach/pool bag? 

I’m already in my 2nd week of summer, and I keep having this gut wrenching feeling on Sunday nights that I have to go to school in the morning. Then quickly the memory of the 3 months left of summer joy overwhelms me and all is right in the world!

Right now I am with my family at a beach house in South Carolina on the Island of Palms, the house has a pool and a quick minute walk to the beach. So I thought what better then to help you all prepare for upcoming swimming in the summer then to share a beach/pool bag essentials!



  • Bathing suit: Either you already have this on, or you have to change into your suit when you get to your location, if so slip this in your bag.
  • Coverup: If your going somewhere afterwards or just want to coverup, bring a tank top, flowy shorts, ect.
  • Sunscreen: This one is super important, you want to protect your skin and not get burnt. Spray is my favorite, and the Neutrogena face stick and other sun products smell so good-If you want to tan use some safe tanning oil/spray!
  • Hat/hair band: Ofcorse I brought my Disney “Monsters University” cap, to keep my scalp from burning, and a watermelon hair tie to keep everything out of my face.
  • Sunglasses:  I bought both of mine from boutiques and I love them, sunglasses are great for when it’s windy and ofcorse when the sun is shining bright! And another eye wear- goggles! I have to have goggles when I swim so don’t forget to bring yours.
  • Entertainment: Swimming is defiantly going to take up most your time, but if you want to lay out with your towel and shades some reading or entertainment would be great to bring.

+ towel, water, flip flops 


PICTURES: If your like me, when your having a blast swimming/chilling with your friends if the operation it arises you want to document! So I usually bring my Fuji Film polariod camera and GoPro!

+ If you want to go all out, bring a fun floaty for well…floating, and pictures! You could even have all your friends bring a pool floaty and fill the pool up for the ultimate Insta!


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