How to: Pack like a pro

After years of family trips, girls weekend getaways with my mom, sleepovers, and just travel in general, I feel like I’ve learned some tricks and tips on how to pack for different occasions and lengths of time. If your like me then you over-pack, I live by the philosophy of “Its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it”. But sometimes I have to pack less because of guidelines or space.

I am going to share some of the packing knowledge I’ve learned overtime, what different bags I bring on trips, different packing methods, and how to write a list that will make it impossible to forget things. By the end of this, if you study and practice, you could become a packing pro!



  • I usually try to make a list a few weeks in advance in case I need to order something or go shopping, so it all depends on when your trip is planned. The list above is pretty vague, I wanted to give space to personalize according to yourselves. I always put a box by my list so I can physically check off that item and see that its in my bag. I also like to have the list on hand before I walk out the door so I can quickly run through it before I go.

* It helps to write out how many days and nights your staying to decide what outfits you need to pack for different activities*

So you might of notices how I separated my packing: Suitcase, makeup bag, entertainment, beach bag.  

  • Ever since I can remember this is how I’ve done it. I put all my cloths in my suitcase + adding any special event items (in this case a beach bag) + my makeup bag , and then I have a separate bag where I put my entertainment items or things I need on hand for the car ride or plane.






  • Begin looking at your list and gathering up all you need, then decide how you want to separate/organize your items so you can get to them easier. I organize my cloths into sections of the suitcase- (Tops, pants/skirts/shorts, jackets, pajamas, shoes, extras)
  • Shoes– I usually put my shoes in a grocery sack since the bottoms are dirty.
  • Bathing suit- I put my bathing suit, cover ups, and towel all together.
  • Extra- Some things will not fit in my other bags, so I put a couple of books and my beach bag in an open spot of my suitcase.

If you are tight on space and have a lot to pack, rolling up your cloths will give you a lot of extra space. But beware that rolling may cause more wrinkles, that technique usually only works with smaller items, shorts, socks, synthetic t-shirts and tank tops, and some pajamas and sweats. Cotton is more likely to wrinkle!

(I folded my cloths because my suitcase is really big, and I knew that if some wrinkled I would have an iron available)



* I always have my entertainment bag and purse with me either on the plane or car, then the suitcase is put in the back*


  • Most of our trips we drive, our latest road trip was 17 hours, so of course I wanted to bring some entertainment. (For me that’s a sketchbook, markers, magazines, and headphones) Try to think about what you will be doing on your vacation and if there will even be time to for those things.


  • If your entertainment bag is big enough you could put your electronics in there, but I had so many photography stuff I wanted to bring an extra bag was needed. I brought my polariod, digital camera, GoPro, and chargers for all those!


  • These things are my must have on hand items and typical purse items.

STYLEBOOK APP: This is a great way to organize all your cloths and help you visualize the outfits you want to wear/bring.

How to pack with the: Stylebook closet app

I hope this helped you for any upcoming traveling! If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below! Also, follow my “Wandering with Grace” Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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-Blessings, Grace



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