Sugar & Cloth color wall + scrapbook

A couple weeks ago my mom and I went to Houston for a weekend to visit some sweet family friends! We had a relaxing pool day with watermelon and polaroids, then the next day we went to the Sugar and Cloth color wall, and some other Houston shops and sites. We took some adorable photos that I wanted to share + the scrapbook pages I made out of those pictures!

As a “new” blogger/creator I have such admiration for Ashley (Sugar & Cloth) and all the other creators who work hard and accomplish their goals. Seeing the color wall and other things people who I admire create, gives me so much inspiration! It shows me that if I continue to be patient, creative, and work hard, I can accomplish things like that too!



It was almost 100 degrees outside that day, and sun was directly on us, but it was so worth it! The wall was so photogenic and you could pretty much take any kind of photo and it would be cute! 


I was so excited with the photos we took I knew I wanted some sort of scrapbook. I incorporated some bright paint colors that coordinated with the colors of the pictures. While also trying to keep the pages simple. + I got my first Dear Lizzy scrapbook product, so I added a fun sticker to each page.


This was one of my favorite pages! I cut out tiny watermelons from a pattern I found on Pinterest, along with a large watermelon illustration from Rifle Paper Co. Instagram. We took some fun polariods on our pool day, so I made photo copy’s of them to add on the page. I mixed some red and white paint to get a watermelon color, and then a light blue paint to contrast the colors of the photos.IMG_0679


I hope these photos inspired some creativity in you! I always feel so blessed to go with my friends and family to fun places, take adorable photos, then create a way to remember that time!

-Blessings, Grace

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