Disney World (2015)

In February of 2015, my family and I took a trip to Disney World, truly the most magical place on Earth. Everything about Disney makes my heart so happy. I have only been there a few times in my life, the first two times I was pretty young so I felt like this time around I was experiencing everything for the first time. It might have been a rainy and gloomy week, but we didn’t care- we threw on our ponchos and smiles and were just enjoying our time together. I took a bunch of fun photos and had such an amazing time, so check it out.



Every time we go to Disney World we make an effort to have time at each park. We had 5 days total, so we went to Magic kingdom on the first and last day, and 1 day at the other parks.

The first day was started off right, we had the Pooh and Friends “friendship celebration” breakfast. If you know me then you know I have always been obsessed with Winnie The Pooh. The food was delicious and the Mickey shaped waffles are a classic.


Waiting for the Monorail my cousin and I were admiring our matching Magic Bands. When we got off the “Welcome to Magic Kingdom” sign was the first thing we saw. Right when we got to the park fireworks went off and the entire Disney cast was there opening the doors (like they do every morning).


You always got to be on the lookout for those hidden Mickeys.


The Cinderella castle is soooo gorgeous, but I love the side of it as well, the moat and trees make it all so majestic. Behind the castle is the Cinderella fountain. One year when we went, my mom and I had the princess breakfast inside the castle and it was so beautiful. There was so much stone and stain glass!



Of course my favorite ride is “The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, and dont even get me started on the “Hundred acre goods” souvenir shop cause I could spend hours there! There are also activities to do while waiting in line, a honey touch screen, and outdoor games.

When we went to Disney in 2012 for my 12th birthday, they had just started building Fantasy land with the Beauty and the Beast castle, Gaston’s tavern / village, and also the Little Mermaid lagoon. So I was super excited to see it all finished.


We bought the professional photographer package deal so we had a bunch of pictures from them when we met characters. I had already met Pooh and friends the first day, then Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale throughout the week, and finally Lilo and Stitch from the Polynesian breakfast on the last day. But my all time favorite princess is Rapunzel, we did the “painters pose”, and then Cinderella and I were admiring each others shoes.

Besides the “Hundred acre goods” my other favorite store was the “Chapeau” aka the Mickey ears/hat store. The marquee is gorgeous and the whole place looks vintage. You can even get whatever you buy embroidered, it usually takes about 30 minutes so you could easily go walk around or ride a ride then come back and pick up your ears! Duh I got Winnie the Pooh ears.


At the end of the day when the sun started to set, we grabbed a snack and a seat then waiting for the castle show and electrical parade to start. (On October 9, 2016 was the last ever Main Street Electrical parade)  The fireworks of course were amazing, but my favorite was the “Celebrate the magic” castle projection show.




( DAY 2 )

Time to travel around “the World”, eat some really good food, and ride the boat around the park, and see some beautiful flowers.






( DAY 3 )

Our day at Animal Kingdom was pretty much the dinosaur ride over and over again, the Kilimanjaro safari ride, and the festival of the Lion King show.



( DAY 4 )

Other then the Magic Kingdom Main Street I love Hollywood studios look, it makes you feel like your on a movie lot!! The neon signs, marquees, palm trees, and the fake city serene is mind blowing.



I love Monsters Inc and Monsters University so I was excited to meet Mike and Sully for the first time, I even had my hat on for the special occasion.


I really hope I can go back to Disney sometime soon because it really, truly is the happiest place on Earth. Hop you all enjoyed the photos.

-Blessings, Grace


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