Silobration 2016 // #OCTOBERWITHGRACE

 This past weekend on Thursday, my mom and I made a trip down to Waco for the opening night at Magnolia Market for their second annual #Silobration. Chip and Joanna Gaines are honestly my ultimate baes so I was beyond excited to see them in person. We shopped, ate, painted, partied, and had such a blast. Best day ever!!!

The vendor fair was the first thing we started with when we arrived a little after lunch. There was a station to check in at and get Silobration merchandise at, along with your ticket to get in which was an adorable fabric bracelet. There were so many amazing booths with gorgeous vintage flairs, the booths were hand picked by Joanna and you could totally tell because its defiantly her/Magnolia Markets style.

It was a pretty hot day so the “Alabama sweet ice tea” truck was much needed. I always tease my mom and dad that they probably have an extra vein in their body just for tea because they drink so much-  you could probably guess my mom was very excited.


My favorite booth of the whole event was without a doubt Love and Lion. They handed out free Silobration temporary tattoos that are absolutely adorable and they are still on my wrist as good looking as the first day.


Joanna has added a bunch of new colors in her paint collection, so to promote that they had a huge Magnolia Market paint by colors mural. (And a paint brush/swatch photo wall)


Chip and Joanna were on the cover of Texas Monthly, so they had this amazing photo wall where you can pose just like they did on the cover (also when we were taking our photo a huge camera crew came over and filmed my mom and I, Fixer Upper??)

So when I bought the magazine at the store last week, I tweeted Chip a picture I took when I got it and he re-tweeted me!! I was so excited and quickly tweeted him back saying that I would be at the Silobration Thursday for an early 17th birthday celebration. The next day his assistant dm-ed my on Twitter saying that Chip wanted to give me an early b-day gift, and that I needed to go to the front desk on Thursday to pick it up. 

This is a picture of me with my gift from Chip, along with some other goodies we got. It was also very exciting because we were the first group of people to get the new Magnolia Journal magazine which is absolutely gorgeous. It has recipes, home projects, shopping ideas, and exclusive photos of the Gaines family.

It is also officially Fall, and my favorite month October!! So I was excited to see all the pumpkins and Fall decorations.

After spending most of the day shopping and playing, we went back to out hotel to clean up a bit and change our clothes. Then we headed back around 5:30 to Magnolia Market to grab some dinner from their trucks, take a seat on the grass, and wait for the show to start. These were also the ticket bracelets I was talking about.


The weather started getting cooler, the sun was setting, and a breeze swept in, then Chip and Joanna came on stage around 7:00. I couldn’t even process that I was seeing my baes in person and so close!!


When they showed sneak peaks of season 4 of Fixer Upper on the big screen they started taking selfies and autographing stuff for the people in the front rows. I manged to wiggle my way up front while all that was happening. I didn’t get a selfie, but in this second photo (which is actually a screenshot from a video I took) I waved at Joanna and Chip, they both waved back, and Chip said “Hiiiiiii”. It was the best moment of my life. 


Jonnyswim preformed around 8:00, they sing the intro song “Home” for Fixer Upper- but other then that I had never heard their songs before but they are incredible!

I had such a perfect day with my mom at my favorite place. We took some amazing photos, ate some delicious food, bought some adorable products, and just had an incredible time. We slept like a rock, cause the next day was spent at Baylor for my first ever college visit. I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe next your YOU will go to the Silobration.

-Blessings, Grace


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