Scrapbooking & affiliate // OCTOBERWITHGRACE 

Even though I just celebrated my 17th birthday, I still had my 16th birthday to scrapbook. And since all my Halloween craft supplies were out, I thought it was about time to catch up on some scrapbooking. So happy with how this mini album turned out.

ALSO- this post is my FIRST OFFICIAL blog post as a affiliate. Their team contacted me a couple weeks ago and I am beyond excited to be even just a small part of my favorite site. is my go to place for all my creative supplies, fast shipping, discounts, and such a wide range of products. I cant wait to see what fun adventures this partnership will take me on.


I pulled out all the Halloween goodies I had to decorate my pages: Orange, black, white, tape, glitter, stickers, paper, paint, ribbons, markers, and photos!!

Make your own photo album cover with any supplies you can get your hands on!! I love using cardboard or thick card-stock. Find a material that is sturdy, then paint and label the cover.




Use black paper and white chalk paint markers to write on your pages.  


If you don’t want to use your actual Polaroids, make photo copies of them to print and cut out.



Hope these pages and tips gave you some ideas for your own Halloween mini album.

-Blessings, Grace


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