Christmas at the Silos + thanks Chip

The day after my school got out for Christmas break my mom and I headed to Waco to visit our favorite place again- Magnolia Market!! This was the first time they had a winter celebration at the Silos so it was a treat to be there, even though it was freezing!!

This place and community in Waco Texas is so special to me and I have so many fun memories there with my mom- if you want to follow along and be the first to see my photos then follow my Magnolia with Grace Instagram.

Rewind to November 21st, I was having a really hard day and was strolling trough a store with my mom then all of a sudden I hear my phone blowing up with notifications. I look at it and my heart drops!! Chip Gaines had replied to my tweet from my “Magnolia with Grace” twitter!!

If you recall from my Silobration post you will know about the birthday gift I got from Chip and his assistant- but this was the first time HE directly tweeted me. I soon received a DM from his amazing assistant Beth telling me that they wanted to send me a gift card to brighten my day- it certainly did!! I will never forget that.


These were the goodies I got with the very kind and generous gift card from Chip and Beth- A Magnolia hat, Joanna Gaines Kultz paint, some postcards, pencils, a patch, and the Home Baked cook book!!

So anyway, back to Christmas at the silos- it was a VERY cold day but worth it to see all the winter wonderland decor. We didn’t end up staying until dark to see the place lit up but it was still so magical.


See all the lights strung on the Silos?!?! It was the perfect backdrop to meeting Santa in the garden.


And of course after some shopping and photos ops, we had a Silo Baking Co cupcake while sitting in the sun a little bit to warm up!! 





It was such a fun day- and to wrap it up we swung by a near by store in Waco called The Findery, and they just recently added this amazing mural!! 


If you never have I hope that you all will someday get a chance to visit Magnolia Market and the quaint city of Waco!! A place of love, community, and soul!!

Blessings, Grace




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