About Me

Hey there I’m Grace! Here is a little about me: I am a Junior in highschool, I can spend hours crafting-scrapbooking, I always look for a reason to celebrate and take pictures and maybe ( 1 to many) polariods. I am a hopeful future event planner and love sharing my creative inspiration here!

I want to share my adventures and fun times in life, and for people to see Gods love and mercy in all that I do! My hope for anyone that sees this blog is that they are inspired by my life, devotionals, and whatever I share!

Significance of my blog name:

The name “Wandering With Grace” is significant to me because I have been through a lot in my short 16 years of life, and I’ve noticed that sometimes in life we get lost, and we wander. But even when we wander God is with us, if we believe it or not. We wander away from Him, but He is right there waiting for you to come back! Don’t let Satan distract you from Gods unfailing love. All God wants from you is that you follow him freely through good and bad, and ask Him to bind your wandering heart to Him!

For business and generalΒ inquiries contact me at– Wanderingwithgrace@gmail.com

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