Scrapbooking & affiliate // OCTOBERWITHGRACE 

Even though I just celebrated my 17th birthday, I still had my 16th birthday to scrapbook. And since all my Halloween craft supplies were out, I thought it was about time to catch up on some scrapbooking. So happy with how this mini album turned out.

ALSO- this post is my FIRST OFFICIAL blog post as a affiliate. Their team contacted me a couple weeks ago and I am beyond excited to be even just a small part of my favorite site. is my go to place for all my creative supplies, fast shipping, discounts, and such a wide range of products. I cant wait to see what fun adventures this partnership will take me on.


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(I won) the “After Dark” scrapbook collection // #OCTOBERWITHGRACE

A couple weeks ago I entered Crate Paper Instagram giveaway for their Halloween scrapbook collection called “After dark”. That collection is my absolute favorite Halloween craft/ scrapbook collection. I’ve wanted it for a long time- so of course I was excited they were doing a giveaway for the whole collection. And guess what happened…… I WON!! The package arrived in 4 days!! I snapped some cute pictures of the products I received to share with you guys, seriously cant wait to use them.

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Summer craft haul 

First week of my junior year in high school is officially finished- and I feel like I blinked and summer was over! This summer was definitely my most creative. I started and finished a lot of fun projects, learned some new skills,  and dreamed up lots of ideas for future projects! These few months might not have gone as planned but I definitely feel a peace from God knowing His plans are perfect and in motion. I got a lot of crafting\scrapbooking supplies this summer and I gathered them all together to share with you all, hoping these inspire the creativity in you!

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Sugar & Cloth color wall + scrapbook

A couple weeks ago my mom and I went to Houston for a weekend to visit some sweet family friends! We had a relaxing pool day with watermelon and polaroids, then the next day we went to the Sugar and Cloth color wall, and some other Houston shops and sites. We took some adorable photos that I wanted to share + the scrapbook pages I made out of those pictures!

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Journaling + my favorites

Journaling, one of my favorite outlets for thoughts, frustration, sadness, joy, you name it- its written down and documented. My mind is so full and has so many thoughts, so being able to sort them out on paper helps me organize everything a little bit better.  Keeping a journal of any kind helps you have this amazing perspective, to go back and see how much God has done for you, and everything that has changed in your life!

These are just  few of my favorite types of journals and supplies + DIY notebooks -enjoy!

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How to master card making

Over the years I’ve made more cards then I can count. Holidays, birthdays, or just because, cards are a simple and thoughtful way of showing how thankful you are for the amazing people God has put in your life. Almost every time I make a card I like to take a picture of it, or the words I wrote down inside. So after I made my most recent card and took a picture of it, *bam* the idea for this post was born! I hope these ideas and material suggestions inspire some creativity and gift giving in you!

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