Back to God (Part 3 / final) Priorities and spending time with God:

Yay you all made it, you finished your first month of school. Here is the final post of my “Back to God” series!

This post is all about our spiritual priorities, responsibility’s, and managing your time with God. Sometimes in our busy lives we get distracted in hustle and bustle of our schedules and daily routines. Β You have jammed pack days fulled with events and appointments, but when you lay your head down to sleep that night did you spend time with God that day?Read More »

Back to God (Part 2) Dealing with stress:

I am back with part 2 of my “Back to God”- back to school series. (1 post left ) I hope everyone has gotten back into the groove of everything and have had an easy transition into this new school year!

School is one of the most stressful times of someones life, whether its homework, tests, quizzes, studying, deadlines, people, drama, or even school itself! It is just stressful all around. Not that I am a master at stress relief- because trust me, I know how to get stressed out! But I think learning from others lessons and tips and tricks to make your school experience easier is always helpful.Read More »

Back to God series (part 1) How to be confident:

I hope everyone had a restoring weekend after what I am sure was an exhausting first week of school! How are you guys liking my new blog theme? I am really ecstatic about how the “Wandering with Grace” logo turned out!

For the first part of my “Back to God” – back to school series I wanted to tackle the cliche and honestly a very overdone topic of, confidence. But the reason its so over done is because confidence can make or break you.Β How you feel about yourself is important!Read More »