Dancing in roses (homecoming 2016)

Last month my school had its second annual Homecoming!! Monday was mix-n-match, Tuesday we showed our school spirit with hand made mums, and Thursday was Disney day. Then on Thursday night we got all dressed up to dance. It was such a fun week with friends and classmates- and this will be the first year that we are having a spring formal, so I can’t wait for that!! Read More »

17th birthday (gift guide) // #OCTOBERWITHGRACE

A couple weeks ago (October 31st) was my 17th birthday!! This year I didn’t do much, which was actually pretty nice and it gave me a chance to relax. My family really spoiled me with lots of awesome goodies. And since I usually always take pictures of the gifts and cards I get (to look back later on)- I thought it would be great to share the pictures I took THIS year. It seemed like everything I got was pink and adorable so how could I not share?!? Hopefully this serves as a great gift guide for everyone who reads this. Read More »

Pumpkin patch // #OCTOBERWITHGRACE

YAYYY TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY- Oct 31st, forever and always a pumpkin baby!!! Everyone keeps telling me how they cant believe I am 17 and its like “join the club” cause I feel like a 8 year old. So last week my cousins and I went to “Sweet Berry Farms” in Marble Falls Texas , which is a local farm we go to almost every pumpkin season and we try to go every other year to pick their strawberries. Turned out the farm was closed the day we went, but we drove so far so the very kind owner let us come anyway! So we had (what is a usually very packed place) all to ourselves. It was such a fun day and really made me feel like it was October.

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 Mothers day 2016 + gift guide

Mothers Day, a time to celebrate the women in our lives who have love, comfort, guide, care for, and inspire us. Being a mother is the hardest job a person can have, and a mother defiantly have a lot to balance. I always hope that my mom feels appreciated and loved on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to best friends with my her, we do everything together, I can tell her anything, and she makes me laugh harder then anyone!

Today I am sharing my fun weekend in the Woodlands, Houston with my awesome momma, and our mothers day Sunday + a gift guide

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Homecoming week 2016

Ahhhh Homecoming, a special week of Highschool fun, dress-up, dance moves, and friendships. Last week was my first ever Homecoming, and it was so much fun! Monday was “mum-Monday”, Tuesday was “superhero day”, Thursday was “#Throwback Thursday”, and finally on Friday was our Hollywood themed dance. Here is a look into my awesome week!Read More »

“Galentines” party 2016 + WWG Instagram

Yes, I understand that Valentines Day was last weekend, but this was something I couldn’t pass up, and I wanted to post even if it was going to be a week late. This last week was a very busy one, it was my first homecoming week, I’m bringing this up because coming soon is a special “Homecoming 2016” post! Anyway, I got together with my sqaud last weekend for a “Galentines” party, we made cupcakes, valentines, and took some  pretty epic pictures/polariods.


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December favorites/Christmas gifts

Hey everyone! Its been so long, but I’m back with some of my December favorites/Christmas presents. These items might even be helpful for your late Christmas present ideas, or even future gift inspiration! Some of my favorites include fun beauty items, art supplies, and even some of my dog’s Christmas gifts! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you enjoy this post!
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How to: Sweet 16

Turning 16 is a monumental birthday because it is a year that most people take on more responsibility and grow in their strength and maturity. Its also an excuse to throw an major party and have a huge celebration!! So here is how to throw the best sweet 16 ever! I am giving you some tips and tricks for your sweet 16 or even just a special celebration!

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How to: Taylor Swift (1989) concert

So, your going to a Taylor Swift concert or just any concert???? Well I am here to answer all your questions and help you to mentally and physically prepare for the best night ever!

I just went to the 1989 world tour concert in Dallas on October 17- I have been a fan of Taylor for years, I even went to her Red tour a couple of years ago and it was spectacular, but the 1989 concert blew everything else out of the water! So here are some tips from my Taylor Swift concert experiences to help prepare you for YOURS!Read More »