Wandering With Grace

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I've been working on this site for so long, creating new branding, content, purpose, and setting up my very own shop! I started this blog when I was a freshman in high school, and now after just recently graduating, it feels like the perfect moment to pick back up and continue those passions. My hope is to make this platform like a virtual scrapbook, to not only share the highlights but also the difficult moments that truly shape my heart and perspective. The love I have for photography helps to capture my life adventures filled with crafts, dogs, entrepreneurial dreams, admiration for other women creators, and just sharing the things that make me feel happy and motivated.

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Now I just want to share a small update about where my life and heart are at right now, I am so looking forward to the projects ahead letting you guys know the purpose and passions behind them all.

One of the main reasons I first started "Wandering with Grace" is because I was desperate for a creative and meaningful outlet. After dealing with eye issues as a child,  pain started to sneak in back into my life in different ways during the same time as starting the blog back at the beginning of 2014. Once we started to realize how bad it was getting, the journey really started to form. Because what started as eye pain led to other red flags that showed us more significant internal problems which started to effect my whole body. My parents refused to accept the initial response from dismissive doctors which led me into lots of testing/trials, shots, intense daily medicine regimes, blood drawls, procedures, and the list goes on. 

Over these past several years in the midst of a constant 24/7 excruciating pain (which still isn't fully diagnosed by testing), I was still going to school, trying to maintain my normally joyful/funny personality, navigate the typical " teenage experience", while also posting on my blog and social media which really portrayed that everything was fine when it wasn't. And by doing that, I swirled into a place of isolation and loneliness. Dealing with a constant and an unescapable pain is cold, you begin to become emotionally overwhelmed and drowning in anxiety. People continue to move on with their own lives, unable to stick around and try to understand your life when you yourself don't really understand it all either. 

In just these past 4 years (which just so happened to be during high school which it itself is a very personal self-discovery time) I became an ENTIRELY different person. I gained strength, boldness, gratitude, empathy, endurance, hope, venerability, character, and all these things are better then any other experience I could have had during that time. These things and the person I have become make all that heart ache, sadness, and loneliness worth it. Because even when I felt only, I know I wasn't. Only Christ would be able to walk through something like that, while  continuing  to help me take it all day by day. 

PLUS I am STILL on the journey, probably NOW more then ever. Pain isn't convenient, pain doesn't fit into your dreams or schedule. And because of all of that, I want and need "Wandering with Grace" to be a place where we can be authentic, maybe even normalizing the topics of health and pain so that people like me, don't feel so alone. From the beginning of this journey, the most powerful thing I felt was God telling me that this pain wasn't just for my benefit but an opportunity to make others feel heard and recognized. I didn't ask for this, I am not in control of this, but I am going to try to make the best out of it. I am going to show up. That's all we can do. 


Grace McKinney