With Grace SHOP


I have had a major love and appreciation for dogs my whole life. Like I'm talking dog themed parties, bedroom decorations, volunteer work, and I even started a business called "Anytime Animals" around 11 years old and often had fundraisers for local shelters. So ya, its legit. And after all these years I have never found any cute "dog lady" products. It's an overlooked but wanted market.  

But as someone who is a huge fan of so many different creators, products, packaging, and honestly just all aspects of starting a business it makes a lot of things intimidating. Because I want to give people the creative inspiration through my products as I have experienced by others creations.

Common questions are usually "So what are you wanting to make? Stationary? Dog products?clothing?". For right now my answer is that as my brand and interests grow, so will my products. This shop is just a larger representation of my passions and "With Grace". I created this little corner of the internet as a place where people going through similar things and shared interests can come together to collaborate and grow. 

The reason some of the greatest businesses and products get made, is because they didn't exist. I have looked all my life cute dog lady merch and couldn't find it, so now I am starting to make some. Hopefully people who are wanting the same thing can come and find my shop. That kind of idea will continue on for the rest of my future products, items that I have wanted or different versions of the things I already love.

Grace McKinney