Magnolia Market

Happy Saturday friends! Earlier this week my mom and I made another day-trip down to Waco,TX to visit our favorite place- Magnolia Market! Chip and Joanna Gaines (the ultimate husband and wife team) own and operate the business and also star in the hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper”  where they flip houses in the central Texas area. Some of my favorite memories are of day/weekend girl trips with my mom. We have visited Magnolia Market several times but every time we go there is something new to enjoy! This time the Magnolia seed shop and bakery were open! We had a great time and took some fun photos for you all to enjoy. Hopefully this might inspire you to make the trip down to visit our favorite place!

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Sugar & Cloth color wall + scrapbook

A couple weeks ago my mom and I went to Houston for a weekend to visit some sweet family friends! We had a relaxing pool day with watermelon and polaroids, then the next day we went to the Sugar and Cloth color wall, and some other Houston shops and sites. We took some adorable photos that I wanted to share + the scrapbook pages I made out of those pictures!

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2 days in Nashville / Travel Guide 

At the end of May my family and I took a family road trip for a couple of days in Nashville, a week in South Carolina (beach house), and a quick day in New Orleans. It was so fun to go to several different places and experience new things and sites with my family! Nashville was so fun and photogenic, plus the  weather was awesome. We went knowing we had to pack our 2 days full of activities to get the whole Nashville experience in a short amount of time. So I thought since we picked and found the best places to go, I would share the top Nashville sites to see if you have only a short amount of time to visit!

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How to: Pack like a pro

After years of family trips, girls weekend getaways with my mom, sleepovers, and just travel in general, I feel like I’ve learned some tricks and tips on how to pack for different occasions and lengths of time. If your like me then you over-pack, I live by the philosophy of “Its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it”. But sometimes I have to pack less because of guidelines or space.

I am going to share some of the packing knowledge I’ve learned overtime, what different bags I bring on trips, different packing methods, and how to write a list that will make it impossible to forget things. By the end of this, if you study and practice, you could become a packing pro!

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What’s in my beach/pool bag? 

I’m already in my 2nd week of summer, and I keep having this gut wrenching feeling on Sunday nights that I have to go to school in the morning. Then quickly the memory of the 3 months left of summer joy overwhelms me and all is right in the world!

Right now I am with my family at a beach house in South Carolina on the Island of Palms, the house has a pool and a quick minute walk to the beach. So I thought what better then to help you all prepare for upcoming swimming in the summer then to share a beach/pool bag essentials!

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 Mothers day 2016 + gift guide

Mothers Day, a time to celebrate the women in our lives who have love, comfort, guide, care for, and inspire us. Being a mother is the hardest job a person can have, and a mother defiantly have a lot to balance. I always hope that my mom feels appreciated and loved on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to best friends with my her, we do everything together, I can tell her anything, and she makes me laugh harder then anyone!

Today I am sharing my fun weekend in the Woodlands, Houston with my awesome momma, and our mothers day Sunday + a gift guide

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Journaling + my favorites

Journaling, one of my favorite outlets for thoughts, frustration, sadness, joy, you name it- its written down and documented. My mind is so full and has so many thoughts, so being able to sort them out on paper helps me organize everything a little bit better.  Keeping a journal of any kind helps you have this amazing perspective, to go back and see how much God has done for you, and everything that has changed in your life!

These are just  few of my favorite types of journals and supplies + DIY notebooks -enjoy!

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How to master card making

Over the years I’ve made more cards then I can count. Holidays, birthdays, or just because, cards are a simple and thoughtful way of showing how thankful you are for the amazing people God has put in your life. Almost every time I make a card I like to take a picture of it, or the words I wrote down inside. So after I made my most recent card and took a picture of it, *bam* the idea for this post was born! I hope these ideas and material suggestions inspire some creativity and gift giving in you!

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Homecoming week 2016

Ahhhh Homecoming, a special week of Highschool fun, dress-up, dance moves, and friendships. Last week was my first ever Homecoming, and it was so much fun! Monday was “mum-Monday”, Tuesday was “superhero day”, Thursday was “#Throwback Thursday”, and finally on Friday was our Hollywood themed dance. Here is a look into my awesome week!Read More »

“Galentines” party 2016 + WWG Instagram

Yes, I understand that Valentines Day was last weekend, but this was something I couldn’t pass up, and I wanted to post even if it was going to be a week late. This last week was a very busy one, it was my first homecoming week, I’m bringing this up because coming soon is a special “Homecoming 2016” post! Anyway, I got together with my sqaud last weekend for a “Galentines” party, we made cupcakes, valentines, and took some  pretty epic pictures/polariods.


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